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--> "With the relationship that many of the Whitegates branches already have with Hallmark Corporate...
Ed Riley - Franchise Field Manager, Xperience Franchising

--> "The Hallmark scheme is easy to use and provides us with additional revenue for the business too....
Paul Buck, Manager at CM Rent, Essex

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Boiler Breakdown

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Commercial Energy

Hallmark has developed a commercial energy product aimed primarily at the premises of our letting agent clients. All the customer is required to do if give Hallmark a copy of their latest bill. Hallmark will then act as a broker for the client and search a number of energy suppliers before finding the best deal for the client.

As well as finding the client the best possible price on their electricity Hallmark will also:

  • Establish who the current supplier is.

  • Establish current contract arrangements including termination notices etc.

  • Tender to the energy market to all major suppliers of gas and electricity to ensure best prices, payment terms and customer service.

  • Collate information and present to client in a simple to understand format.

  • Manage the contract documentation for the client.

  • Ensure smooth transfer to the new supplier.

  • Act as an agent for all suppliers in terms of contact customer service.

Commercial Telecoms

Like with commercial energy, Hallmark will strive to save you money on your commercial telecoms bill. All Hallmark require from you is the latest copy of your bill. Hallmark will then provide you with information on how much they can save you on all your telecommunication activity.


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Security Product

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Fixed Line Rental

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Energy for Students

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